Ewan McGregor

Name: Ewan Gordon McGregor
Birthdate: March 31,1971
Birth Place: Perth Royal Infirmary,
                   15 miles from his home-
                   town Crieff, Scotland.
Current Residence: London, England
Height: 5' 10" and a 1/2" tall .
Weight: Who cares!
Hair: Fair
Eyes: (in Ewan's words)
          grey-bluey-greeny color.
Education: Morrison's Academy,
Father: James Charles Stewart McGregor
Mother: Carol Diane McGregor(Lawson - maiden name)
Sibling: Brother: Colin
Wife: Eve McGregor ( Mavrakis - maiden name):They met on the set of 'Kavanaugh Q.C'.
Children: Daughter:  Clara Mathilde McGregor
Famous Uncle: Denis Lawson : The actor appeared as Wedge Antilles in the First Star Wars Trilogy. Also directed the Play "Little Malcolm and his Struggle Against  the Eunuchs" which also starred his Nephew Ewan McGregor.
Favorite Sport: Motorcycle racing and Soccer.
Favorite Musical Group: Oasis.
Favorite actor: Jimmy Stewart
Favorite TV Show: ER
Favorite Movie he acted in : Trainspotting

Ewan McGregor first came to prominence in 'Shallow Grave'. The debut film feature by Danny Boyle in which he starred
with Kerry Fox and Christopher Eccleston. He went on to appear in 'Blue Juice', ' Emma', 'Brassed Off' and the 'Pillow Book' but it was as Renton as Danny Boyle's 'Trainspotting'
that Ewan McGregor became a household name in a role that captured the imagination of teenagers worldwide.He then went on to star in 'The Serpent's Kiss', 'Nightwatch', and 'A Life Less
Ordinary' once again directed by Boyle , 'Rogue Trader', The Eye of the Beholder' , 'The Rise and Fall of Little Voice' 'Velvet Goldmine' and 'Star Wars The Phantom Menace: Episode 1', Nora and the recently finished filming Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman.

Ewan McGregor is also one of the founders of the Production Company Natural Nylon along with fellow actors(ex roommate) Jude Law, Sadie Frost, Sean Pertwee and Jonny Lee Miller.