Jori Daragon rushes back to Cinnagar unaware that her ship, the Starbreaker 12, is being tracked by Naga Sadow. Upon arriving however, Jori is closely pursued by Cinnagar security where she is forced to land and immediately arrested. Despite her urgency to speak with Empress Teta about the impending attack by the Sith Empire, she is completely ignored, even by her old friend Aarrba the Hutt, and placed in a prison awaiting trial while the Starbreaker 12 is handed over to Lord Ssk Kahorr.
Elsewhere on Cinnagar, Odan-Urr learns that Jedi Master Ooroo has arrived. Ooroo tells him that his mission to Coruscant was not a complete failure as many Jedi did in fact hear his warnings. Empress Teta assures them that if the attack does come the Koros system will be ready and will fight for the honour of the Republic.
Meanwhile, on Khar Delba, repairs to Naga Sadow's fortess are being implemented while Gav Daragon learns more of Sadow's plans as the Dark Lord of the Sith prepares his men for battle. During a meeting however, Ludo Kreesh's ship arrives and Kreesh sends out a message claiming Sadow is a liar. Sadow, requests Gav to press a button. Gav, believing it to merely jam the transmission finds he's been tricked by the Dark Lord when the button activates a weapon and completely destroys Ludo Kreesh's ship. Gav is furious, he has never killed anyone before.
Jori Daragon's trial goes quickly but not smoothly with the Judge ignoring her pleas to be listened to about the Sith Empire. She is sentenced to work as a slave on the extremely dangerous-to-your-health planet called Ronika. Upon arrival she is put to work immediately but soon prepares her escape. Tricking a guard she steals an ore shuttle and makes her way to Cinnagar. Despite being well-shielded, the shuttle is very slow and Jori finds herself with company once out of orbit, namely a dozen security ships. Managing to escape the shuttle before it is destroyed, Jori parachutes down into Cinnagar and makes her way to Empress Teta's quarters. Teta is startled and sends for her guards immediately but Jori manages to get her message across with the Jedi knights Odan-Urr and Memit Nadill also part of her audience. Believing her story, Teta begins to prepare her forces.
Meanwhile, across the galaxy Naga Sadow prepares his troops for attack and promotes Gav Daragon to command his flagship, despite Gav having no experience. As the fleet hovers near Khar Shian, Sadow locks himself inside his meditation sphere preparing himself for the Sith illusions he will create as part of the attack. Under his order and following the co-ordinates of the tracking device on Starbreaker 12, the Sith fleets jumps into hyperspace ready fo war.....
Ssk Kahorr and his loyal subjects are joyriding their new ship, the Starbreaker 12, when suddenly out of hyperspace a huge fleet appears. Naga Sadow orders the craft to be destroyed much to Gav Daragon's protest believing his sister to be on board. As the shuttle is blown apart, Sadow assures him that there were no lifeforms on board, that it was just a decoy. He orders his fleet to split up and attack certain parts of the Republic as planned.
Memit Nedill arrives on Coruscant to warn other Jedi but its too late, the Sith army arrives in larger numbers than anyone believed possible. The Jedi band together trying to fend off this giant onslaught.
On Koros Major, Empress Teta allows the prisoners who were captured from Kirrek to be set free and fight for their world while the Empress leads her warriors to battle to save her city Cinnagar. Jori Daragon, meanwhile, offers to help fight. Jedi Odan-Urr hands her a lightsaber but she feels she's much better in the air and begins searching for a ship which leads her to Aarrba the Hutt's shop.
Odan-Urr obviously flies to Kirrek where along with Master Ooroo, they await the next attack by the Sith army and patiently await the arrival of the prisoners from Ronika.
While Naga Sadow sits in his meditation chamber controlling the invasion by creating the illusions that his army is bigger than it actually is, Gav Daragon - along with a few Massassi boydguards - land on Cinnagar. Gav follows the signal of his amulet to its other half - that which his sister wears - where he arrives at Aarrba the Hutt's home. The Hutt, still obviously pissed at Gav, spits in his face which leads to Gav's bodyguards coming to his aid, stabbing and ultimately killing Aarrba much to Gav's bewilderment. At this moment Jori arrives at the scene and is shocked to find her brother has killed the Hutt. Despite his pleas of innocence, Jori raises her lightsaber. "Odan-Urr gave me this lightsaber for a reason... to fight evil in all its forms --- even you, Gav!"
Jori Daragon kneels over the deceased body of Aarrba the Hutt asking her brother Gav what he has done. Without answering Gav runs to his ship and returns to the battleship he commands. Jori quickly follows him urging Empress Teta's fleet to assist in the pursuit. Gav leads his ship through hyperspace to Primus Gollud, an unstable red star where Naga Sadow's ship awaits. Gav strikes out at the dark lord's vessel which momentarily breaks Sadow's concentration.
On Coruscant as the Jedi fight bravely against the Sith warriors, Memit Nedill sees many of their enemies begin to fade. The Jedi realise that they've been tricked by sith illusions into thinking they're up against a huge army. Suddenly the tables are turned and the Jedi are victorious.
On Kirrek, the locals aren't having as much luck and even Jedi Odan-Urr and Master Ooroo with their Jedi battle meditation cannot fend off the single-minded Massassi warriors. Ooroo, a Jedi master who is contained within a protective covering filed with cyanogen atmosphere decides that the only way they can hold back the Sith army is to sacrifice himself. Ordering his fellow student and the warriors of Kirrek to take cover, Master Ooroo removes his protection sending the toxic gas out through the Massassi warriors, killing them instantly but also killing himself in the process with oxygen being poisonous to the great Jedi. Odan-Urr kneels by his dying master to say farewell.
Meanwhile at Primus Gollud, Naga Sadow urges Gav to meet him face to face. Gav takes his private shuttle and boards Sadow's battleship to learn that Sadow is not on board. Jori Daragon arrives with the fleet and Gav tells them that the Sith Empire has been left unprotected, that they should attack now to assure themselves a complete victory. Suddenly several of Sadow's battleships appear and the dark lord himself triggers the solar flares of the sun. Gav, knowing he is trapped on this stalled vessel, urges his sister to jump to hyperspace and ulitmately to safety as the sun begins to erupt.
Naga Sadow and his army retreat back to the Sith Empire to find themselves not alone as a voice informs Sadow that he is no longer the dark lord of the Sith and that he has been exiled for his treachery. The voice belongs to Ludo Kreessh who was obviously not in the apparent decoy ship that Gav Daragon had unintentionally destroyed.
Kreessh however, ain't around very long as Sadow orders one of his doomed ships to crash into Kreessh's, killing the new dark lord. "I don't think you're faking this time, Ludo..."
Meanwhile on the planets Kirrek and Coruscant, victories begin to take place as the remnants of the surviving Sith army retreat and the surviving defenders rejoice in victory and peace once more. There are however many casualties including Jedi Odan-Urr's master, Ooroo.
As Sadow watches Ludo Kreessh and his ship being destroyed he learns that Empress Teta and her fleet have followed them and begin to attack. Sadow sacrifices his army for his safe escape building a barricade of his own ships between him the Tetan fleet. Escaping to the Denarii Nova, a rare double star, Sadow uses his dark powers to bring the stars together as his ship goes between them. There is a huge explosion with many ships being destroyed leading everyone to believe Sadow is dead. Sadow however, as we all know - well anyone who's read 'Dark Lords of the Sith' - arrives in the Yavin system where he begins to build a new fortress.
Returning to Koros Major, Empress Teta begins to rebuild her empire while Odan-Urr requests to learn more about the Sith by investigating the abandoned ships in orbit. Upon doing so he gets the idea of building a giant Jedi library on Ossus. Elsewhere, Jori Daragon becomes the new manager of Aarrba the Hutt's repair dock.