Fett Equipment/Weaponry

Merr-Sonn C-22 Flame Carbine and Merr-Sonn CR-24 Flame Rifle

      Flame projectors combine high-energy flammable liquid fuels with air and heating elements to produce superheated cones of flame. This makes them powerful tools of intimidation as well as effective military weapons. While limited in both ammunition and range, flame projectors provide outstanding options for close-combat and some specialty operations.

      Military units commonly use flame projectors to quickly flush enemy soldiers out of bunkers, force back soldiers in close-range combat, and clear paths through thick vegetation. Imperial soldiers often use them to sweep through Rebel installations in efforts to force Rebel soldiers out of hiding. Flame projectors can also be rigged in makshift trip-wire traps, with devastating results. Since most soldiers don't carry flameproof clothing or portable oxygen supplies, the danger from burns and smoke inhalation is great.

      A single blast from a flame projector can cause tremendous damage to enemy equipment and vehicles, and the fuel burns for several minutes. Under the right circumstances the fire will spread uncontrollably and with horrifying speed. Imperial soldiers and Corporate Sector Authority security police ("Espos") frequently use flame projectors to break up civilian demonstrations and enforce martial law on rebellious worlds; those incidents were invariably reported to the local media as "Rebel-orchestrated revolutionary movements" in an effort to justify the excessive casualties that were incurred.

      Space pirates often use flame projectors as boarding weapons; since narrow starship corridors limit the mobility of opponents, the flamers can quickly eliminate any resistance.

     Flame projectors come in a wide variety of sizes and capabilities, ranging from Boba Fett's wrist mounted Czerka ZX unit to the deadly flame carbines and rifles favored by military forces. Fett's flame projector produces a cone of flame up to five meters long and up to a meter wide; the backpack fuel canister supplies him with over fifty shots. His projector can be activated via a control stud, or it can be voice-activated through Fett's computer control system located inside his helmet

      The Merr-Sonn C-22 flame carbine was issued to CSA Espos as a secondary weapon to the standard-issue blaster or riot gun. It has an optium range of three meters, an maximum range of seven meters and a small fuel canister clips to the user's belt, holding enough fuel for ten six-second discharges. The larger CR-24 flame rifle has a slightly longer maximum range--ten meters--an optimum range of five meters, and a canister holding enough fuel for twenty-five shots. The Corporate Sector Authority also mounted powerful CR-28 flamers on numerous ground vehicles for use in crowd control efforts; the CR 28 has an optimum range of ten meters, a maximum range of twenty meters, and enough fuel for fifty blasts.


Mitrirnomon Z-6 Jetpack

      While portable rocket and jetpacks are considered outdated for transportation, they will always be romanticized because of the Old Republic's famous Rocket-jumper troops, which played a prominent role during the great battles of the Sith War, four thousand years before the Battle of Yavin. Even today, backpack devices provide enough thrust to transport users over vast distances in a few seconds. This can make them quite useful in certain circumstances. The bounty hunter Boba Fett uses his Mitrinomon Z-6 jet pack as he charges into battle, hiding his movements under a cloud of exhaust. He often captures and whisks away his targets before anyone can muster a response.

      When activated, the jet pack's intake system forces a mixture of air and fuel into miniaturized turbines. There the mixture is ignited, and each three-second ignition provides enough thrust to propel Fett up to one hundred meters horizontally or seventy meters vertically. Directional exhaust nozzles are used for midflight course adjustments. while the pack's gyro-stabilizer automatically applies counterthrust for safe landings.

      This model weighs about thirty kilograms, carries enough fuel for twenty bursts, and costs three hundred credits. It can lift the user and up to a hundred kilograms of additional cargo. The jet pack's control panel is mounted on Fett's forearm, and a secondary verbal interface system has been run through his helmet's control computer.

      Unfortunately, jet packs can misfire if struck--this occurred at the Great Pit of Carkoon when Han Solo clobbered Fett's jet pack with a vibroblade. The blast sent Fett careening into Jabba the Hutt's sailbarge, and the stunned bounty hunter quickly tumbled into the Sarlacc pit. Fett's armor protected him and the hunter was able to escape eventually.

      Jet packs tend to be lighter and less bulky than rocket packs because they draw in oxygen from a planet's atmosphere for combustion. However, they are useless underwater, in a vacuum, and in low-oxygen atmospheres. Alternatively, rocket packs use premixed fuels that require no additional oxygen and can work in any environment, including the vacuum of space. Despite their additional bulk, rocket packs offer performance comparable to that of jet packs, although they are more expensive.

      Repulsorlift packs are used rarely since their miniaturized repulsorlift generators offer slow movement, although they are incredibly manuverable and the user can apply steady thrust to hover in place. Like all repulsorlift generators, repulsor packs operate by propelling the wearer away from any object with a sustainable gravity field. Thus, they do not work in zero-gravity environments. Repulsor packs use rechargeable energy cells, each ofering about ten minutes of flight time and top speeds of around forty kilometers per hour.

      Some rocket and jet packs incorporate a secondary repulsorlift unit that offers stability, greater manuverability, and hovering capability. These combination packs normally cost over a thousand credits and tend to be much heavier, but users indicate that the added versatility counters any disadvantages.


Kelvarek Consolidated Arms MM9 Rocket System

      A favorite of bounty hunters--who believe there's no such thing as being too heavily armed--wrist rockets are light yet formidable weapons. Even a basic rocket system can provide an effective last line of defense if the hunter's other weapons are disabled, while exotic warheads give the hunter a variety of options for handling unusual situations. For example, Boba Fett's Mandalorian battle armor includes a Kelvarek MM9 rocket system on the left wrist guard, adjacent to the small flame projector. Fett sometimes adds a second rocket launcher or a rocket dart launcher to his right wrist guard.

      The MM9 uses both "dumb rockets" (those lacking a targeting system) and homing rockets. With homing rockets, the MM9's anti-launch cylinder locks the rocket in place, while the launcher's targeting computer automatically interfaces with the rocket's own system. Pressing the anti-launch release stud enables the warhead and activates the targeting laser. When the target lock activator stud is depressed, the tareting laser locks on target--automatically tracking movement--while the targeting computer delivers constant updates to the rocket's homing system. Once the target has been selected, presing the activation stud fires the rocket.

      In addition to the targeting laser system, Fett's MM9 has a direct interface with his helmet's targeting systems, which gather data through infrared, ultrasonic, and motion sensors. Fett can use his helmet's verbal interface to launch rockets while leaving his right hand free to reload the rocket launcher.

      Fett carries several types of rocket in his belt pouches, although his preferred choices are Locris Syndicates Type-12As explosive rockets (for use on individuals) and Merr-Sonn K26 explosive rockets, which are powerful enough to destroy a speeder bike. Since many bounties include a bonus if the the target is delivered alive, Fett also carries the Locris Type-12B rocket, which has a payload of FGA-583 nerve agent that can render a victim unconscious in less than six seconds

      Fett also possesses specialty rockets that deliver stun gas, ion blasts (to disable computers, droids, and other electronic devices), or luma blasts, which release a blinding flash upon detonation. Some bounty hunters "hot load" rockets with their own chemical concoctions.

      Ranges vary widely, depending on how much propellant is loaded into the rocket. Many short-range rockets have an optimum range of 15 meters with an maximum range of about 25 meters, but the K26 rockets can travel up to 150 meters with an optimum range of 75 meters.

      The MM9 rocket system includes a small magnetic accelerator for launching projectiles that are similar to bowcaster quarrels. The accelerator's primary advantage is the low cost of ammnition, although the projectiles have no homing system, greatly limiting their accuracy. The accelerator's maximum range is twenty-five meters. In emergencies, the MM9 can also have a small dart clip mounted to the front of the launcher's anti-launch cylinder. The clip's five shor-range rocket darts are often dipped in poison or a stun agent