Name Description Rating
Industrial Light & Magic official site for ILM n/a
Lucasfilm well set-out, nice content n/a
Del Ray Books publishers of NJO novels n/a
Star Wars official SW site, get hosted n/a
Lucasarts cpu game company n/a
Dark Horse publishes SW comics n/a
Star Wars Galaxies the massively-multiplayer RPG set in SW n/a


Name Description Rating
PrequelNet Great graphics. Site layout is fantastic ****
Episode II Nice graphics and idea. Lacks content and frequent updates **
Naboonline Get your own FREE email! ***


Name Description Rating
JediNet Well put together site. Constantly updated *****
SW Database Huge site with everything concerning Star Wars *****
The Force.Net Very professional. Updated daily. LOTS of content *****
Watto's Junkyard well...uh..a junkyard? *
StarWarZ site design is good. Lots of giveaways ***


28/11/2000 Looking for fan-submitted links

More links to come soon. I haven't had the time to add anything but the main sites so far. If you have any links that you wish to be posted please e-mail them to me along with a description of the site. Please make sure the sites are of a reasonable quality and contain no profanity. Also, if you visit any of the sites above, I would be obliged if you could write a short description (3 or 4 sentences) and mail it to me so I can post it for easier access for other surfers. Thanks for your co-operation.