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Tuesday, December 18th, 2001
Hey there! Welcome to my Star Wars might notice that a large number of the links or broken or aren't working, the reason being I wanted to get this site up ASAP even if it was only the skeleton...which is what you see before you. However, there will be big things to come in future for this site and I intend to make it one of the best on the web (hehe never was one for false modesty). Enjoy what is currently up, and hopefully it will whet your appetite for what is to come.

What's up, and What's not
Everything you see here on the main page such as Mandalorian history is up, and also the novel section of the literature page, the essays section, the discussion board and the rec hall. Oh, heck! basically everything is up except that they lack alot of content. So kick your heels up, enjoy the site, drink in the decor, and above all...don't forget to sign my guest book!

Area Descriptions

Imperial Insider
This column deals with some serious continuity issues that arise in the StarWars universe. Rumors or speculation you want others to know about? Why not share your views with others by submitting them.
*NEW*Theories and thoughts on various star wars subjects, exhaustive information on the Millenium Falcon and the Outrider

Recreational hall
Are you one of those ppl who find that Star Wars trivia on the 'net is either so hard it's almost impossible to answer or so easy that it's just no fun? Well here, we have it just right.
*NEW* Think YOU know Star Wars? Think again. 30 questions for the hardcore SW fan to ponder over. Includes expanded universe. Take the the Jedi Praxeum Test now.

This is basically a polling section where fans can make their opinions felt.

Pilots Lounge
This is a message board from which you can correspond with other star wars fans.

Scenes that just never made it to the final cut of the star wars movies. Include lost scenes from original star wars trilogy, special edition and the prequels.

Docking Bay
Prequel News, Plot Synopsis, Character and cast information...including a spoiler section for all you hardcore fans out there

The Hype
Literature for young readers, older readers and comics. All the news, gossip and release dates for various novels and comics

Coruscant Herald
The Weekly times including essays by fans.

Delta Source
This contains various Star Wars resources, including a planet database, history of the Tales of the Jedi timeline, and coming soon, a Star Wars Encyclopaedia.

Here you will find a variety of quality star wars links.

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