"What Star Wars Means to Me"

  Hello my name is Carlos. I have been a frequent visitor to Star Wars Database and a frequent contributor to Dark side rumors (you may know me as Spidey212)...I am 23 years old and like most Star Wars fan grew up with it. Furthermore, I like many others have been filled with an almost childlike anticipation when it comes to awaiting for this new movie to arrive. One of the beauties of this movie is the sense of enjoyment and eagerness that I can only compare to Christmas morning as a kid waiting to open my presents. To me that is what this movie is all about. It is about having fun. It is about not only reliving the joys of my childhood but hopefully seeing brand new joys come from 2 hours and 15 minutes of film time. It is also about the joy of sitting around with my friends trying to guess every plot twist and turn. Speculating about things no matter how ridiculous they might seem ( That has always been one of my pet peeves. On Dark side rumors there are often those out to belittle and ridicule the opnions of others. While I believe that all have the right to express their views we should be tolerant enough and respectful enough to be polite even with those we disagree with.). Also, age has granted me another exciting twist when it comes to Star Wars; appreciation. As a college student I enrolled in many mythology classes and was amazed at the respect and praise Star Wars was given as a mythological work. This deeper understanding of Star Wars and the story it entails has added yet another dimension to my enjoyment...I do not pretend to speak for all Star Wars fans but many I have spoken to feel the same way. I realize that there are hundreds if not thousands of more reasons on why people love Star Wars but I just thought I would share a couple of my own with the Downtime audience. Enjoy.