Corellian Trilogy -Book 2





18 years after ANH


July 1995


Imprisoned on the planet Corellia, Han Solo finds himself at the mercy of his evil cousin, Thracken Sal-Solo. Thracken plans to restore the Imperial system and seize total power--no matter what the cost. Han has one chance to stop him. Byt to do so he must turn his back on his human cousin and join forces with a female alien. Dracmus was arrested as a ringleader in a plot against the corrupt Human League. Now she and Han will attempt a daring escape to Selonia in time to warn Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Lando of Thracken's plan. But can Han trust the alien to keep her word?

Meanwhile, other questions threaten the New Republic-- and the lives of millions. Who is behind the deadly Starbuster plot? Why is someone attempting to take possession of Corellia's powerful planetary repulsors? And what is the secret behind the mysterious Centerpoint Station, an ancient, artificial world of unknown origin that has suddenly--and inexplicably--come alive?


Han tugged at his bonds, but they held firm. "Nice fair fight, Thracken," he said. "A Selonian against a human with his hands tied behind his back."

Thracken laughed. "I'm interested in entertainment, Han, not fairness." He indicated the four guards, who, by this time, had positioned themselves in the four cor- ners of the chamber's upper level. "Shoot," he ordered. Al four of them aimed their blasters at the center of the chamber's floor and fired simultaneously. The floor exploded in a gout of flame. Han flinched back from the blast, and felt stinging pains on his face and hands as he was peppered with micro-fragments of pulverized stresscrete.

Han staggered back, half-blinded and half-deafened. "if you do not acquit yourself well, my troopers will fire again. At both of you. I would suggest you make the fight convincing."

Han shook his head and blinked, trying to get over the effect of the blaster shots at close range. "How am I supposed to fight convincingly with my hands behind my back?" he asked.

Thracken laughed again. "You can't expect me to give you all the answers," he said. "show a little initiative." Han's vision had clared enough now for him to see Dracmus, and it was plain that the Selonian was more than prepared to give a good fight. She had her mouth open, putting her needle-sharp teeth on clear display.