1. What was the name of Leia's home planet?
2. What was wrong with the R2 unit that Uncle Owen initially bought?
Had a bad motivator
3. Who was R2-D2's and C-3PO's last captain?
4. Where was Luke supposed to take R2-D2 to have his memory erased?
5. Where did Luke want to attend school?
The Academy
6. Where was Luke supposed to have the droids by midday?
South Ridge
7. What did Ben Kenobi do to scare the sandpeople away from Luke's landspeeder?
Imitated a Krayt dragon call
8. What job did Uncle Owen say that Luke's father had?
Navigator on a spice freighter
9. What was the relationship between Ben Kenobi and Uncle Owen?
10. Which wars did Obi-Wan Kenobi fight in?
Clone wars
11. The Jedi Knights were the guardians of the Old Republic for how many generations?
Over a thousand
12. How did Ben Kenobi describe the force?
An energy fieldcreated by all living things
13. The Emperor dissolved what governing body?
Imperial Senate
14. In the original novel, who did Vader attack, using the force, in the conference room? Who did he attack in the film?
General Tagge, General Motte
15. What was the preferred weapon of the sandpeople?
Gaffi sticks


  • 0-5 Right= Your failure is complete...you have fallen to the darkside.
  • 6-12 Right= Your powers are weak old man.
  • 13-15 Right= Your training is complete. You are a Jedi Master.
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