Lately, I have been wondering, when the Skywalker twins were seperated, why did Leia get the good part of the deal, while Luke had the bad luck. Leia was adopted into the royal family of Alderaan - the Organa's, whose wealth and lineage would provide all the means necessary of a child growing up, yet Luke is sent to live with Obi-Wan Kenobi's brother Owen on the desolate planet of Tatooine, a hard life in a moisture farmer's family living on a harsh world.

  I have a theory why this happened. First off, let's begin why in the first place the twins were seperated. Obi-Wan and Yoda knew that the Emperor would consider any offspring of Anakin Skywalker to be a threat to him. I postulate that Padme became pregnant just before Anakin's fall, and when his fall occured, and Anakin left all those dear to him (wife, friends and whole way of life) Padme most likely was not physically showing her pregnancy, as Anakin and soon to be Darth Vader didn't know that he had children until a few decades later, and he only learned of the existance of Leia practically minutes before his death.

  According to current rumour about the planet Naboo, it's system of government is a matriachal monarchy - so the females are the ruler (eg: Padme is Queen, and the rumoured women parliament). I think the reason that Leia was adopted into the rich Organa family on Alderaan, is that they were preparing for her to one day go back to Naboo and to claim her rightful throne. Remember that only Leia and not Luke has vague misty memories of their mother. Maybe Padme went into the royal court of Alderaan disguised as a lowly handmaiden so she could be near her daughter, and the disguise would help conceal her from the minions of Palpatine.

  On the other hand, it is obvious why Luke was given the harsher option, maybe to mentally toughen him up on his fateful journey to becoming a Jedi Knight. But, I raise the question as I did in my last editorial, WHY didn't Obi Wan raise Luke, WHY did he give him to his brother Owen?? This mystery, hopefully will be answered in the prequels.

  One last thing, I have another little theory. According to rumour a long time ago (no pun!), the people of Naboo suffer from genetic degredation. No I will go one step further, maybe this genetic degredation has gone so far that the people of Naboo can only conceive female children, and they need cloning technology to produce males. So when Padme has her children, Leia is born first, a female as per usual, but then to everyone's suprise, Luke, a male, is the next child - 'A NEW HOPE'! Not only a new hope for the galaxy as the eventual redeemer and savior of his father and the jedi order, but a new hope for the people of Naboo, as a male child born naturally!

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